Hook em' then Slice em' with Gamenauts Ninja Fishing for Android


Ninjas and Fish aren’t two things that are normally associated with one another, but that’s going to change thanks to a new Android game called Ninja Fishing from Gamenauts. Can you hook em’ and slice em’ or are you more sloth than ninja? You are a Ninja named Otoro. You’re a little out of shape, and not the quickest ninja, but you are the best fishing Ninja around. Your job is Ninja Fishing is to pull as many fish as you can from the depths, and when you get them above the water it’s time for sushi as you’ll use your Ninja blade to chop the lil’ fishes to bits. The developers have dubbed this “Fish & Slash” gameplay which is a hilarious and dead on description of the gameplay mechanic. You isn’t your normal fishing game though, Ninja Fishing is a one of those fishing games where you’ll try to let your line go as deep as possible and then “hook” the fish on the way back up. Ninja Fishing offers up over 60 different fish to collect, and there are tons of upgrades for your katanas, boats, and fishing guides. If you’d like to keep track of your scores and shoot for achievements Ninja Fishing has you covered as they utilize the popular Openfeint scoring system.


Ninja Fishing is an interesting and popular game that’s great for a quick play. I’m not a huge fan of the fishing setup where you catch them on the way back up, but slicing them in the air kind of makes up for that. If you dig Ninja’s or fishing you’ll definitely want to check this one out. You can snag Gamenauts Ninja Fishing for free on Google Play.

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