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Hothead Games releases Big Win Football for Android

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The football season is well under way now, and unfortunately solid football games are far and few between. If you’re into sports sims Big Win Football might just be the answer to your gridiron blues as it allows you to put together a team and duke it out to become the best football team around. If you’re played any of Hothead Games other sports sims you’ll have no difficulty getting down to business with Big Win Football. If you’re new to the series here’s a quick breakdown. Big Win Football basically lets you use football cards to piece together super team. You’ll put together a team, play games, and use coins won from games to buy more packs of cards while hoping for better players. Games are all simulated but can be watched or skipped depending on your preference. Big Win Football is the biggest game from the team yet as you’ve got to piece together the offense and defense which means more players and more fun. I’ve had an issue with getting repeat players in packs in the previous games, but so far so good in Big Win Football as I’ve only received 1 high level dupe from the Gold packs and I’ve cracked around 11 so far. If you’re looking for a Football sim Big Win Football is the game for you. Besides being the only Football sim to my knowledge, it’s quite a bit of fun especially if you’re into dynasty building like myself. The fact that you get to play online against random opponents is the icing on the cake, and even though the matches seem unbalanced at times I do think it’s more even than their previous sims. I’ll have a full run through of the game sometime next week until then I highly advise you to check it out for yourself. You can pick up Hothead Games Big Win Football for free on Google Play.

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