Project Shield at E3

Since Project Shield was unveiled at CES this January, the Android gaming world has been eagerly anticipating its arrival. A handheld gaming platform, with enough power to run a PlayStation 3 game, is perfect for mobile game fans. The dedicated gaming device also has a physical controller, which solves another little issue we have with mobile gaming.

Now that NVIDIA has hit a decent price point with the device, they’re set to push hard in the marketing department. Of course, research is part of that, and they’ve done their homework. In a blog post, NVIDIA talks about their off-the-cuff research at E3, where they used the opportunity to ask players where they’d take advantage of Project Shield.

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If you came up with a few weird answers for yourself, you’re not alone. Ranging from “on the couch” to “in the bathroom”, the sampling at E3 was just as expected: all over the board. Of course, this just cements what NVIDIA already knew; Project Shield has a wide audience, and a lot of use cases. Steam support only adds to the Android goodness, making this a real powerhouse for gaming fans.

So, how does NVIDIA market such an amazing device? Like Tyler Durden destroys the banking system. They went guerilla style for E3, with a little street art and massive projectors. The NVIDIA marketing team took to the streets with green chalk, slapping their logo anywhere they could. While the logo adorned the Los Angeles streets, the marketing team took to the sides of building, projecting real game play onto the giant concrete facades around the convention center.

As if that wasn’t enough cool stuff for E3 attendees, those who were wearing their black NVIDIA tees with the Project Shield logo were treated to something special. When in front of a specially designed screen, actual gameplay was projected onto their tee, essentially using the green logo as a “green screen”. That’s such a Hollywood thing to do for an L.A. show!

NVIDIA knows they’ve got a big job ahead of them. Project Shield may be awesome, but it requires developers to adopt it. That awesome controller needs dedicated support, and developers need to know just how cool it is before they’ll do the extra work for Project Shield. Hopefully, NVIDIA made an impact at E3.

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Via: Android Authority

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