How magicians predict what cards are in your mind

If you are still not aware that how a magician reveals the card in casinos that you choose in your mind, then this article is just for you! There is nothing magical when a magician blindly announces what card you have from the pack of 52 cards; it is simply a trick which has been applied and the result is being practiced by the magicians. Let’s take an instance if people are provided an opportunity to choose one card among all. They commonly choose from online casino Ace of spades, king of hearts, Queen of Hearts and Ace of Hearts. The frequency of this selection according to many psychologists is more shocking.

According to the most of them:

Ace of Spades- 25%

King of Hearts- 6%

Queen of Hearts-14%

Ace of Hearts-6%

What are the other common selections?

Many of the researches have proved this theory and they have concluded that among the whole set of lazy mass approx 2.13% could choose Queen of Diamonds if they were asked to select one out of the pack of the whole set.
Why people tend to get highly attracted to these cards only and why these cards only?

Many psychologists have tried to prove this point with their reasoning ability. They are trying to find out the reason precisely so that they can understand the reason behind that magic working in the mind. They are also eager to figure it out so that they can emphasize more over the ordinary objects.


Ways to know the reason

Many card games are used for this trick. There are several card tricks by which a player could be tricked and magician could have significant outcome. Even in several explanations by psychologists when people were asked to name four cards, maximum of them had replied the combination of the four cards mentioned above.


Ace of Heart

The frequency of selection of this card was much high than the expected ratio. Systematic studies become the pillar of the psychology behind the card magic. They believe that this is the most common card to cross one’s thought whenever anyone ask them to think about the card. Actually magicians try their best to improve their tricks by learning about which card people often prefer over others.


Card games

These days many online and offline card tricks and card games are growing popular day by day. Online rummy is one such popular segment whose popularity is growing day by day. There are many websites which are offering this game like Indian rummy with several facilities. Free games, welcome kit of several dollars without paying anything, extra amount with every deposit, regular jackpots, innovative and traditional games etc are few such attractions that had attracted several players. The demand for this game has grown at an unbelievable rate.

The question still remain is it possible that prediction is the only parameter by which magicians guess the card?

These researches existing till now are just a beginning which is trying to uncover the complicated mechanisms that had covered the card magic principals since long. If one can believe that magicians owe the power to control the audience decision, then there should be certain factors which are actually enabling these influences. The biggest surprise is that people are still under an impression that they are actually freely choosing their cards.

The actual card trick was performed long before you ever thought about it. Sleight of hand is for sure the most important factor that helps them to play the tricks but for sure these psychologies do play a great role.

There are hundreds of tricks that are used by newbie’s or the experienced magicians. These days YouTube videos are a great help for all those who want to learn these tricks as no matter what the reason maybe but it is really too interesting!

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