How to Best Utilize a Bar Code Scan Android App

Android users love to take pride in our open platform, live backgrounds and specialized apps like barcode scanners. Although they’re almost purely cosmetic, barcode scanners are popular because no one wants to be in the QR-code dark. Almost every time I’ve tried to be an efficient shopper, however, and find the lowest prices on household items like Dyson vacuums, I get gibberish in return. Sadly, many scanner apps are just plain bogus. It is hereby my public duty to offer you the most solid barcode scan apps for Android and ways to effectively incorporate them into your life.   Google Goggles This app is probably the best shopping accessory for Android, and it makes sense that Google is at the helm. While it’s really much more versatile than a typical barcode scanner, it does that task better than most others I’ve tried. With Goggles, you can scan barcodes, QR codes and even images of the product you’re looking for. Like that book? Scan the barcode and find the cheapest prices. Like that painting? Scan the image and you’ll pull up a print of it for sale. Since the app is under the Google umbrella of products, it interfaces well with Shopper, unlike other apps that claim the same, but fail to actually deliver. ShopSavvy This is an app that’s aged like a fine wine: with each update it adds more functionality and features to an already-rich stable. Because it’s been around for a minute, the database is huge and the app can find most anything you’re looking for. It packs in serious price comparison tools and offers price alerts and local listings in case you’d rather cruise to another store than buy online. Plus, like any good app, it’s free. C|Net Scan & Shop This app does all the basic things you’d expect from a barcode-scanning software with an added twist: it will match up the product with C|Net reviews to see how it stacks up against similar products. This is incredibly helpful for tech purchases if you’re like me and read a thousand reviews before pulling the trigger on a Blu-ray player or A/V receiver. It’s difficult to do research when you’re out and about and susceptible to impulse buys, so it’s great that this app addresses that head-on. If you wonder why this app is remarkably similar to ShopSavvy, it’s because they are based on the same code. This makes the app more functional (see: huge product database) and adds value for tech consumers. There are many more apps to be had on the Android platform that may or may not help you in your Adventures in Shopping, but my expert experience has brought these three to the top of the crop. Since making the switch, I have effectively reduced time spent awkwardly standing in aisles waiting for my phone to scan an item and probably even saved some money in the process. Jesse L., who blogs on behalf of Sears and other prestigious brands, is an Android addict and enjoys spending his time keeping up with the latest innovations in mobile Internet.

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