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How to Hack Your Google Glass and Void Warranty in the Process

by On

hack your google glass As soon as the controversial Google Glass gizmo was released into the wild for a few thousand pre-selected developers, the question of how to hack your Google Glass was obvious for every techie who put his filthy little hands on Google’s finest. The story becomes very interesting now, as Google appears to slowly encourage the Google Glass developers to hack the device. One of the engineers behind the Google Glass project posted recently on his Tweeter account : “Yes, Glass is hackable. Doh!” Cool story, bro, I may say. But things are going further, as today, at  I/O developer conference, Google’s staff performed a magic show, proving in front of a live and excited audience how to hack  your Google Glass, aka “root”, and void your warranty in the process. Two Google engineers, Hyunyoung Song and P.Y. Laligand, while showing off their wearable gadgets of course, explained to a stunned audience, consisting mainly of developers, how to hack the  Google Glass in five easy steps. The process voids product warranty as it removes all of the security features and also completely erases the user data. They even played a video on “how to hack your Google Glass” thingy. hack your google glass Truth be told, they first played good cop and showed the developers how to install apps and stuff, without tampering with the product warranty, using a laptop connected to the Google Glass via Bluetooth, no gadgets were harmed this time. But in the second part of the show, things became wild, sort of speak, even if after the hacking session, the engineers said : don’t try this at home, as it may interfere with your future software updates. To quote the guy on Tweeter : Doh!  Look, but don’t touch, yeah right! It is obvious that Google wants the Glass to be hacked by people with new and innovative ideas, in order to develop apps for the Google Glass and use it  in ways they didn’t thought of before. It’s the essence of  “open source” concept, which is the at the heart of Google’s philosophy. Below, you can watch the “how to hack your Google Glass” video for yourself: Source: Google