How To Promote Your Android App / Game – 4 Awesome Tips


Android phones have become no less than a trend now!

Who doesn’t have an Android in his/her hand?

It is ranking first when calculated in terms of smartphone operating systems. The buzz of android phones is so intense and high that they cover more than half of the smartphones present around the world. Hence, if you’ve planned to build an interesting app/game for the Android phones, it is definitely a safe bet to make the profit.

Howbeit, there are already thousands of apps/games available which are providing a myriad of facilities and services. So, you have got a good competition out there to face! Well, that’s definitely nothing something which should pull you back. The first and most significant step that you need to take is promoting the app/game in the best possible way. The more efficient you will be in that, the more people will know about your creation.

Thus, in this article, I am going to curate some of the proven excellent tips which will end up with a fantastic marketing of your android app/game.

Read on.

  1. Handover to more than one stores

Well, there are many stores to submit an Android app/game, it’s not about only Google play store. For example. Amazon app store is a yet another popular one. Hence, you should make sure that you are submitting your app/game to various stores. It will let the amazing technology that you’ve created get a great exposure. Some such excellent stores where you can submit are mentioned below:

  1. Go for an initial premium app/game

You can say, it is the best way to engage people in downloading any premium app. Obviously, the free apps are supposed to get the user base. If you offer your game in this version, more people will try it. Next, if they like, they will buy the add-ons or the full version. Hence, they will find it more user-friendly.

On the other hand, you can just launch a free app/game with an ad. Next, all that you need to do is promote an ad-free with some hi-fi features in the premium version of your app/game.

Also, there’s a yet another smart way to promote your app/game. Just launch one for free of cost during the first two weeks. It will definitely help you to enhance the user base. Afterward, you can upgrade the cost. This is one of the smartest marketing strategies which have worked for most of the apps.

  1. Go for feedback promotion

According to the users, reading the reviews before buying an app/game is one of the most trusted ways. Hence, it is always smart to promote your app/game through reviews and content. Just make sure that you are making the right use of the positive feedback from people about your app/game.

Do you know there are a few websites out which offer paid reviews?

If you’re specifically targeting the android market, or would be a couple of best options for you. Also, there are some other websites from which you can opt for one as per your budget.

Here are they:

  • MobileStartupz
  • AndroidCentral
  • AndroidPolice
  1. Opt for social media marketing

There’an almost no one now in the world who doesn’t use Facebook and Twitter!

Isn’t it?

Well, the social media platforms have become an endless source of loyal users. If you want to ensure that your app reaches out to the maximum number of people, you’ve to make use of social media.

However, don’t just jump away and throw your money on such ads which have nothing to do with your brand. It will be of no use!

To accomplish the desired results, you need to come up with a smart strategy and focus on it in terms of quality. For that, you can take the help from a social media marketer, if you want. You can even take the help of deep linking to promote your app/game like never before.

Aren’t these ideas worth enough? Don’t wait anymore! Promote your newly developed app/game in the best possible way. You will definitely end up with a huge success!

Author Bio:

Neil Helson is the marketing manager at Blurbpoint Media, SEO, and digital marketing company. He is passionate about helping small businesses and startups grow online.

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