How To Upgrade Your Motorola Xoom to 4G

One of the positive aspects of the Motorola Xoom is its ability to be compatible with Verizon Wireless’ LTE network in the near future. As of now, it ships with only a 3G radio, but true to their promise, Motorola will install a 4G radio free of charge in approximately 90 days to any user wishing to take advantage of faster speeds. Unfortunately, the process of adding 4G to your Xoom isn’t as easy as simply taking your tablet to your local Verizon Wireless store, rather, you will have to send it to Motorola and backup all your content. Verizon outlines the process in three easy steps: backup, encrypt/reset, and ship. First, you will need to backup all the data on your Xoom to either your PC or Mac, because you will want to transfer all the data back from your Xoom after the upgrade. Second, Verizon suggests you hit the factory reset option to permanently remove all the data off your Xoom and also to encrypt the device, preventing anyone from accessing your Xoom in case something happens while in transit. Of course, this step in the upgrade process is completely optional, but if you are already going to backup your data, you may as well take the necessary precautions to keep everything safe. Lastly, you will receive a prepaid FedEx package from Motorola in which you should place your Xoom, without any accessories, for shipment back to Motorola.

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