How will 4G affect Casino gaming?

There has been considerable excitement about the arrival of 4G, which stands for ‘fourth generation’ in terms of mobile phone communications, particularly amongst the developers of casino games for mobile devices. At first when the first 4G Smartphones were unveiled at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, these developers and the major online casino companies such as Ladbrokes, were simply waiting to find out whether casino games could be successfully supported by the new technology. Now however, it has been proven conclusively that they can, so what does the emergence of 4G mean for those playing casino games on Smartphones? Well to start with, for many people 4G is likely to make the experience of playing casino games on a mobile a lot easier by removing the need for downloading apps. When it comes to smartphones with HTML5 users will be able to play at casinos powered by their browsers, which will effectively make playing at an online casino an experience similar to logging onto one using a computer. This could significantly increase the customer base for casino games, as some potential customers who may currently be put off by having to download apps could be won over by the removal of the need for this. Aside from this, 4G is also likely to make the actual experience of playing the games available to to play here at Ladbrokes a lot faster, smoother and more enjoyable, with download times for 4G rated as being approximately 20 times as fast as they are with 3G, which again is likely to see the new technology attracting many more people to play these games simply because it is a better overall gaming experience. Thus it is no surprise that those in the online casino industry are excited about the possibilities that it offers.

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