HTC and Samsung trade blows on Twitter, while LG plays the neutral

samsung galaxy s4 vs htc one standings aa

The bitter smartphone wars have gone up a notch, after HTC turned to its Twitter account to celebrate its victory at the Mobile Awards. HTC had just won the award for “Hottest Phone of 2013” and celebrated with a tongue-in-cheek tweet, calling out Samsung Mobile UK.

Now Samsung wasn’t about to back down from a challenge, replying that it already had its arms full with three other awards that it won on the night and that HTC could keep that one.

Then just when you thought Samsung had come out on top, HTC struck back with an aptly put response, saying that all of the students Samsung paid to write fake review of competitors had finally paid off and then ended its tweet with “Pay rise, maybe?”. Touche, HTC, touche.

htc samsung burn

But HTC and Samsung weren’t the only Android manufacturers having fun on Twitter, after LG put aside its national pride, and decided to play the neutral, posting a tweet telling both companies to calm down, because it’s only a phone. Sound advice from LG.

lg peacekeeper

Both HTC and Samsung have been going through a rough patch in recent times, with many HTC CEOs leaving the company, and Samsung’s stock taking a plunge this week after analysts lowered their estimates on sales of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Let’s just hope that all OEMs can channel all of that creative energy into their future smartphones, instead of their fellow Android manufacturers.

Who came out on top, Samsung, LG or HTC? Let us know in the comments.

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