Several days ago, Amazon prematurely posted a product page for the HTC Inspire 4G on AT&T and listed the price as $99 on contract. We weren’t sure whether this price was legitimate or simply a placeholder, but today, AT&T confirmed the previous rumor as they announced that the HTC Inspire 4G is going to sell for $99 on contract. Starting February 13, the HTC Inspire 4G, unveiled at CES 2011, will be available for purchase. The 4G device running Android 2.2 sports a 4.3 inch touch screen display, 8MP rear facing camera, and AT&T’s Mobile Hotspot service. With its 1GHz processing power and HSPA+ connectivity, the Inspire 4G will run apps and navigate the web super fast. It’s nice to see carriers begin to steer away from the conventional $199 price tag on high-end devices.

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