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HTC Looks To Refocus Strategy Amid Disappointing Sales Numbers in Q4 2011

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The battle to deliver high-end Android smartphones that will capture the loyalty and hearts of thousands of consumers continues to roll on.  Competition among manufacturers and carriers leads to better products and services for the consumers, but presents troubled times for companies that cannot adapt quickly enough. HTC, a well-known and established brand in terms of Android smartphones, is facing some difficulties as it aims to compete with Samsung, Motorola, LG, and Apple.  In order to bounce back and have a record breaking 2012, HTC UK chief Phil Roberson explains how HTC plans to release fewer products throughout the year and focus on high-end devices the consumers want to purchase. In 2011, HTC released numerous phones to capture different kinds of market share, but HTC wasn’t able to support each device as thoroughly as it would have liked.  In 2012, HTC plans to release fewer phones with the aim of providing more support in terms of advertising, exposure, and developer support leading to a more complete user experience. HTC will also relax on the tablet front and will deliver perhaps only one or two tablets at the most this year.  The market is saturated with no name tablets and ones manufactured by well known brands but fail to capture market share from the iPad and iPad 2.  The only Android tablets even making a dent in the market are the Asus Transformer Prime and the Amazon Kindle Fire.  Until HTC can figure out what exactly the consumer wants to see in a tablet, it will refrain from launching a product destined to fail. Essentially, HTC is looking for a Hero smartphone — one that can lead the company back to its greatness and worthy of its motto “Quietly Brilliant.”  Hopefully, we will be able to get a glimpse of the hero product during MWC 2012.