HTC M7 The HTC M7 is shaping up to be one of the most powerful smartphones released in recent memory. Looks like the parent company is also much pumped about the device they have made. The Taiwanese company’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Peter Chou, seems to think along the same lines. The CEO took the stage at the end of year party being held in Taipei, which was being broadcasted by the Taiwanese NextTV. He then thanked the HTC M7 team for working overtime in recent weeks and then surprisingly he swung out his very own HTC M7 and took a photo of the crowd. The video itself is of relatively low quality and doesn’t provide the “in depth” look we are craving for. But we can still make out a LED flash, central camera and the obligatory HTC logo in the back. There is also a hint of some border on alongside the top of the smartphone. The HTC M7 has a striking resemblance to the early in software render which surfaced a while back. The HTC M7 was confirmed to be called the “HTC M7” in the company itself as the crowd launched in a battle cry. The HTC crowd, after the encouragement of Mr. Chou started chanting “HTC”, “HTC” and “M7”, “M7”. After that there was a brief chant of HTC One too. This was revealed by an amateur video, but we can still make out the clear words. After that there is some sort of a joke (which I don’t understand). Peter Chou has shown his other side, which was absent from the somber press events. Still we suspect that the smartphone will be launching with the “HTC M7” name. The chant of the HTC One in the end may be an indication that the smartphone will truly be a HTC One X successor, with the naming series and all. After all this was not a public event but a private HTC party. None the less we are hopeful that we will get more details at the HTC press events being held in New York City and London on February 19th. Check out the war cry video below.

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