HTC M7 partially seen in a Video

The HTC M7 is accumulating some serious attention these days; people are excited to see what the next flagship will do after the amazing HTC Droid DNA/ Butterfly. And the more the product is hyped, the more the leaks, same is with the HTC M7. We have seen renders, photos and specs leak, and they are not going to stop anytime soon. Now we have to take a look at some of the actual physical components of the illusive smartphone. ETrade Supply has gotten their hands on some fairly important parts of the HTC M7. They seem to be the back plate and the middle housing (you know where they put all the good stuff in). Judging from the size of the chassis, the HTC M7 will actually be around the rumored 4.7 inches. For some this will be a down grade from the 5 inched HTC Droid DNA, but for many this size will be perfect. The back case of the HTC M7 is rather bland as compared to the Droid DNA, gone is the attractive metallic camera ring and the slight curved surface. It is straighter and devoid of color, but this might be among the final prototypes hence the lack of flamboyant features. The HTC M7 seems to have a dedicated camera button too, which is very rare to see on a HTC branded smartphone. For the shutter bugs this will be a very important addition. The buttons are also lifeless with black colors, we really liked the metallic red power and volume rockers on the Droid DNA. The smartphone is also a bit straighter around the edges (no pun intended), for a phone that is supposed to be the One X’s successor, the HTC M7 sure looks quite different. The guy from EtradeSupply is doing a great job at explaining each and every feature of the parts, so get watching. Source: Etrade Supply

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