HTC M7 Photos leak onto the Web

The HTC M7 as some people are calling it the next big thing from HTC was kind of a hush hush project, until now. There is excitement in the air as fans have gotten the first look at how the device will physically look. The high end Android phone going by the codename (or is it the actual name?) “HTC M7” was thought to be announced at CES 2013 but HTC didn’t have a huge presence there. The said image is obtained from UnwiredView via @evleaks; they have an excellent track record in uncovering images and specs for high profile mobile phones. The image shows the front of the HTC M7 and to be honest it is a fairly standard design, nothing out of the ordinary here. But we suspect that the smartphone might have front facing speakers, a great addition for the people who use their smartphone as a media device. There is a camera which is slightly wider, indicating a wide view lens. There are no official brandings on the phone and no physical buttons. In all fairness the HTC M7’s rounded edges do resemble an iPhone but we are sure that the size will play a huge role in differentiating the tow products. We also have heard that HTC and Apple have struck a deal to share some copyrights among themselves so there is a slim chance that Apple will be looking to sue. This image is taken from an animation short film which was meant to instruct new users about SIM installation. The distinctive lack of branding and suspicious looking screen does give the phone away. As usual these kinds or renders are not 100% true to the finished product and companies tend to change the designs after the initial concepts. We will keep you posted if any “original” photos leak. Source: UnwiredView

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