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HTC Offers Vague Answer Regarding Thunderbolt Availability Date

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The highly anticipated HTC Thunderbolt is going to launch on Verizon Wireless soon, but a definite release date has yet to be announced. It seems as though at least once a week in the past seven weeks, a new rumor surfaced claiming the HTC Thunderbolt would launch on such a date, only to be debunked later. Now, HTC on Facebook offers this vague answer in response to when the Thunderbolt, Verizon Wireless’ first 4G LTE smartphone, will be announced:

There is a lot of excitement about the first Verizon LTE device, the HTC ThunderBolt. HTC and Verizon will officially and publicly announce the Thunderbolt launch dates soon. Please stay tuned for the debut of this great new device.

It could be that Verizon Wireless the iPhone 4 to have as much of the spotlight as possible, before turning over to the latest and greatest in Android, or it could be there isn’t enough supply of the Thunderbolt yet. In a related story, an HTC Sales Manager posted a tweet claiming the HTC Thunderbolt would launch on March 17, but the tweet has since been removed. If the March 17th launch date pans out, we should expect an announcement from Verizon Wireless coming probably on Monday or Tuesday.