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HTC One SV is a New Mid-Range Phone

by On

HTC One SV HTC One SV has been announced today as a medium ranged phone. The Taiwanese company reintroduced its popular One S model by lowering the specs and enabling 4G. The design is also drastically changed as the latest iteration is a more rounded affair. The handset somehow manages to look quite slim and is promising to feel quite comfortable in hands. The almost iconic yet quite large camera lens is replaced by more streamlined oval which contains but the camera and a single LED flash. The internals is whole another story here. The latest device is a slight downgrade in terms of technical specs. The screen is a low resolution 4.3 inched LCD 2 panel, which is by no chance ugly of unacceptable, in fact it’s quite the contrary. Supporting a resolution of 480x 800 and a pixel density of 217 the screen might feel a little underwhelming than let’s say its big brother One X The processor is a 1.2 GHz dual core one which will be sufficient to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. There is 1 GB of RAM to keep things running smooth and an adequate 5MP camera with HD recording capabilities. There is the usual jazz of NFC and Beats Audio included and to supplement all your storage needs there is a microSD slot available too. The internal memory is 8 GB. For some the “upgrade” might not be as tempting as we would have thought but the lure of 4G connectivity will me more than enough for some. There is no official release day has been announced for the phone and the availability outside of Europe is still a question mark. We will keep you posted.