HTC One with Nexus experience confirmed, $599 and will be available on June 26

htc one with nexus experience Just like the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition, the HTC One is also receiving the stock Android treatment via a new model which Google calls as the HTC One with “Nexus Experience.” This was confirmed by none other than Google’s Sundar Pichai at the D event. This new model of the HTC One will be available on Google Play store on June 26. It will set you back for $599 which is a bit cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition. The HTC One with Nexus experience with run on AT&T and T-Mobile and will be supported by high-speed LTE from both networks. It will run Android 4.2.2 and succeeding updates will be pushed out directly by Google. Well, that ensures you that this HTC One will always get the latest Android Jelly Bean update ahead of the other Android smartphones available in the market today. When it comes to specs and features, the handset will carry most if not all of the same specs and features of the regular HTC One model. The Verge noted though that accessing Google Now requires a long press of the home button. The same home button can also be double tapped to bring out the multitasking bar. The rest of the features are pretty much the same as with the regular HTC One.

Now for those of you who owns the regular HTC One, hold on to your devices. It seems that HTC is looking into the possibility of giving the same Nexus experience to you. The question now is how HTC is going to carry this out.

So, will you be getting the HTC One with Nexus Experience once it comes out? Or you prefer the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition instead? Your thoughts? via HTC

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