HTC ThunderBolt Could Launch February 24, For $250 On Contract

The first big Android 4G smartphone to launch on Verizon Wireless could happen as soon as February 24 according to Droid-Life’s sources. The HTC ThunderBolt is being touted as a smartphone that can do simultaneous voice and data, which is also a first for the Verizon network. On February 24, the HTC ThunderBolt will be available for $250 on a two year contract, $329 on a one year contract, and $599 off contract. The $250 two year pricing makes sense in my opinion as it is a higher-end device than what Verizon currently offers. Also, you may recall the Samsung Epic 4G also sold for $250 on Sprint when it first launched. If this rumor pans out, the ThunderBolt will be launching just 14 days after the iPhone 4 becomes available on Verizon. Customers should choose wisely to which high-end smartphone they would like to purchase. The 14 day difference also becomes an issue since Verizon is only allowing customers 14 days to return a product.

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