HTC Thunderbolt Rumored Specs Are Simply Ridiculous

A German website named HTC Inside is reporting the specs for the upcoming HTC Thunderbolt. If true, the HTC Thunderbolt would easily become the best smartphone currently available and its specs would be so much better than any competitor phone. It would make the Samsung Epic 4G and the Google Nexus S look like a kid’s phone. We must warn you, however, to take the following information with a grain of salt because the specs are simply so amazing that it is hard to believe. Let’s begin with the 4.3 inch touch screen, Android 2.3, dual-core Snapdragon MSM8960 at 1.2GHz, support of 128GB SDXC memory card, 5MP front facing camera, and an 8MP rear facing camera. Lastly, it features 16GB of internal memory and comes with the HTC perfected kick-stand. Needless to say, nearly every one of these specs are at least top-of-the-line or better than what we are accustomed to. Unfortunately, MobileTechWorld is reporting a flaw in the specs because it is stating the Snapdragon MSM8960 chipset won’t even begin shipping to hardware manufacturers until early next year. So unless the Thunderbolt is going to launch in mid-2011, I don’t think the chipset, at least, is true. I think I speak for the vast majority of Android fans when I say I simply cannot wait until CES 2011 begins on January 6.

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