HTC to Custom ROM Makers…STOP!!!

ZOMG...Can you believe someone would steal this hard work? LOL

If you didn’t know about the custom ROM making community for Android phones then you’ve either been living under a huge rock or you are just  not concerned with rooting your phone. Essentially custom ROMs are special versions of the Android software which runs your phone that allow you to modify your phone in ways the manufacturer software won’t. This is achieved through a process called rooting that gives the user root or administrator permissions to change your phone. It is completely legal most of the time, but many companies will try to look, and I mean really look for reasons to stop it. Why? Because they like to have complete say about what goes on to their phone since it helps them to control the revenue stream for their products. HTC recently attacked a modder group lead by the hacker Coinflipper stating that they are copying “original art work.” I think this is an entirely bogus claim, but none-the-less they were told to halt any further work. It is also not known if HTC was referring to the custom GUI or literally any images or logos copyrighted by them. I doubt this will go far considering the resilience of hackers and modders but HTC just like other agencies will pursue the claims regardless. A simple solution may simply be to allow the installation of HTC custom software/art after the ROM is installed like the hacker Cyanogen did with his ROM and bypass all these legalities. Only time will tell.

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