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HTC Vigor Rumored To Launch 10/20, Samsung Stratosphere 10/6

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According to a leak from an internal RadioShack system, two of Verizon’s upcoming highly anticipated smartphones are expected to launch in October. The leaked document reports that the Samsung Stratosphere will make its debut on Big Red on October 6th, and while it may not be the fancy new Galaxy S II, it’s a 4G LTE capable Slider phone on Verizon. On October 20th, the HTC Vigor is expected to launch — according to RadioShack’s leaked document. The Vigor is HTC’s high-end, Android superphone on Verizon and will likely capture the lust of high-end Verizon users. In a related story, the HTC Vigor is rumored to be called the Droid Incredible HD upon launch, but the RadioShack leak clearly calls it the HTC Vigor for now.