HTC Promises to Double the HTC One Shipments This Month

htc one shipments It was not an easy start for the Taiwanese super star, from the beginning HTC One shipments were delayed due to technical issues but now they are expected to double until the end of the month. HTC One was seen by market analysts like a make or brake deal for the company, just like the Lumia 920 was for Nokia. The current flagship of the Taiwanese company was expected with huge interest and I admit, it’s a very nice piece of hardware, with the potential to make things better for HTC, one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world, but plagued by financial troubles lately. Many analysts say that HTC’s problem is not design or reliability, but a poor marketing strategy. Anyway, since its launch back in March, the public demand for HTC One is on the up and up and the company’s future looks pretty good, as their revenues increased with a nice 40% from February this year. Even if it had excellent reviews and it was welcomed by the public, HTC One sales are pale when compared with the Samsung¬† Galaxy S4. The Koreans had trouble building enough smartphones to meet the demand, shipments were delayed, due to the huge number of pre-orders. But this great sales success comes with a price, as Samsung spent a lot of money on marketing. HTC is conservative, even shy when it comes to marketing and product placement, even if its products are excellent. HTC One shipments were also in short supply initially, but this is not good news, because the reason was the quality of the assembly. Many users returned the HTC One’s due to display problems (dead pixels) and also defective speakers. In order to sort things out on the production line, HTC One shipments were delayed and hence, they failed to meet the demand for their flagship smartphone in a crucial moment, in the first months of its release. On some markets, especially in the US and the EU, you will have to wait for weeks until the smartphone is available. With all these initial problems, the demand for HTC One is strong and the company announced that HTC One shipments are expected to double until the end of May. Source:¬† Yahoo

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