With Mobile World Congress 2012 set to begin starting tomorrow in Barcelona, Spain, we are starting to see reports beginning to trickle in of the devices we can expect to be announced.  Today, we have learned about one of HTC’s flagship devices known as the HTC One X.  The device is rumored to contain high-end hardware coupled with high-end software.  Hopefully, it will launch shortly after MWC2012, but we will not know for sure until the event begins and HTC takes to the stage announcing its latest products.

In any event, let’s take a closer look at the details and decide whether it is worthy shelling out the cash for.  The HTC One X begins with a Tegra 3 1.5GHz processor, 8MP rear facing camera, 1.3MP front facing camera, Android 4.0 out of the box, Beats integration, 4.7 inch LCD display with 720p resolution, NFC integration, Google Wallet compatibility, a gig of RAM, 32GB of storage on board, WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth.

Again, we will find out more details in the next couple of days as MWC is set to begin.  Overall, the HTC One X looks like a promising device, now we just need to find out if HTC is going to stick Sense 4.0 on it and the launch schedule for the phone.

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