Huawei P series heading to MWC

Now that the CES 2013’s dust has settled, we are looking forward to another big electronics event. Looks like Huawei is also eyeballing the next big platform, the Mobile World Congress. Huawei without wasting anytime has announced that it will be bringing a new slim smartphone for the show. Richard Yu, the Consumer Business Group CES at Huawei told Engadget today that the Chinese company is looking forward to reveal a new member of the P series. The P series is an Android based series which oozes premium quality, which used to be eerily missing from the smartphones hailing from China. The P series also include a rather beautiful and relatively powerful Ascend P1. Mr. Yu also suggested that the latest smartphone will have a beautiful metallic body. Also the latest iteration will be thinner than the recently announced Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra smartphone measuring at 6.45mm. At the CES 2013 conference Huawei’s representative also announced that it will be launching two new “exciting innovative products” at Mobile World Congress. Now we have an idea what one of the product will be. The other product is rumored to be Ascend W3, a Windows Phone 8 so technically we don’t care. Huawei is also not going to give up to the race it had going with Samsung. The company is looking to launch its own eight core processor within this year. Samsung however is in the lead, it announced it very own Exynos 5 Octa. The Exynos 5 Octa is an eight core chip which is said to be more efficient than the quad core CPUs available these days.  Based on Cortex A15 CPUs and using ARM’s big.LITTLE technology the super chips are really going to up the heat. Anyways it will be amazing if the next P series smartphone will include the latest eight core processor, I will certainly be more inclined to buy a beautiful metallic smartphone than the usual cheap plastic affair Samsung does.

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