Huawei to Launch Gaming Centric Smartphone in 2018, Foldable Device Next Year

In case you did not know it yet, Huawei is a Chinese tech-giant, a huge multinational company that ranked 83rd last year on Fortune Global 500 list. Just to get the general idea, this is the world’s largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer and the 3rd largest smartphone manufacturer after Samsung and Apple. Hence, the news that this state-owned Chinese tech behemoth is preparing to launch a gaming centric smartphone this year is serious news, that has to be seriously considered, and all that.

The thing is, Huawei already took the news world by storm yesterday, when its CEO Eric Xu has said that their first 5G smartphones will hit the markets in 2019. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, as we’ve just learned that major releases are soon to come this year and the next. Earlier in June, Huawei showcased its in house made GPU Turbo technology (they also produce their own SoCs!), which is claimed to dramatically improve performance when gaming. More precisely, this gizmo is claimed to increase a smartphone’s performance by sixty percent, while reducing power usage by thirty percent. Amazing, to say the least, provided it becomes reality.

That’s not enough for Huawei though, as its CEO announced that their R&D department is frantically working at a dedicated gaming device, that will arrive by the end of the current year. However, he did not mention what kind of tech specs we should expect from such a beast, nor the exact launching date. What we do know about Huawei’s gaming focused smartphone is that it will feature the company’s patented GPU Turbo technology and that it’s set for a H2 release in 2018.

Also, Eric Xu announced Huawei’s first foldable smartphone, which will compete with Samsung directly. Samsung announced a foldable smartphone for February next year, hence Huawei’s look-alike should become available around the same time-frame, or at least that’s the theory.

Source: GadgetMatch
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