Huge Increase in HTC One Sales in May

HTC One Sales

Kevin Chang, an analyst for  Citigroup Global Markets INC, reported that HTC One Sales are booming, as they might have sold over 1.2 million units in May of 2013, almost twice as much when compared to April. It is an almost 100% increase in sales figures in only one month, bringing the total number of HTC One Sales since its launching to almost 2 million units. And that’s good news for HTC, as they were  plagued with all kinds of troubles, ranging from technical issues and supply to the migration of its executives to other companies. Well, when you compare the HTC One Sales of 2 million units sold in two months with Samsung’s 10 million figure, ( Samsung managed to sell over 10 million of their Samsung Galaxy S4 flagship smart phone), it doesn’t seem like such a great achievement. But for HTC, these are great  news, as they managed to do better than market analysts ever predicted. The Taiwanese were in pretty bad shape  in the last few months, and investors  and analysts were worried about the company’s future prospects, there were titles like “Is HTC a sinking ship” and the like. Now it seems like HTC has a brighter future ahead as they managed to get over technical issues and HTC One’s shipments are in full throttle. Actually, the market analyst from Citigroup predicts that HTC sales may flatten, after they reached an 11 months peak in May : “We expect HTC shipments to peak in May, stay at a similar level in June and start to decline in July,” said Mr.Kevin Chang. On Tuesday this week, HTC reported its May revenues, in amount of US$969.4 million, an almost 50% increase  form the previous month, April, due to HTC One’s excellent sales figures: “We estimate that HTC One accounted for around half of HTC’s May sales,” explained Kevin Chang. Source: TaipeiTimes

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