Hugo Barra, Android’s VP Leaves Google for Xiaomi

Hugo Barra

Google officials have just confirmed that one of their top executives, Hugo Barra, Android’s vice president of Product Management, is saying his good-byes to the company.
Hugo Barra has been one of the most important representative figures for Google’s operating system, as he often appeared at Google’s annual developer conference or at press events from time to time – you surely know him, it’s that friendly looking guy that makes you like him and actually enjoy and listen to what he has to say.
Well, he stated that he desires to make a change in his career and is on his way to becoming part of the team for supporting Xiaomi, a Chinese cellphone maker.
This decision was pretty hard to make, I guess, as Barra wrote a Google+ post where he said, I quote: “After nearly 5½ years at Google and almost 3 years as a member of the Android team — the most amazing group of people I’ve ever worked with in my life — I have decided to start a new career chapter.” I detect a little shade of regret in these words, but the good news is that Barra’s not leaving the Android-related field. The Chinese phone manufacturer is using Google’s OS for their products, so Barra will continue to work within and help the Android ecosystem and his presence there will add a valuable member to Xiaomi’s team.

Hugo Barra
Some sources say that there’s actually another reason behind this decision of leaving. Barra has had a romantic relationship with one of his colleagues from Google, but they eventually separated and the former girlfriend is now involved with Sergey Brin, one of Google’s co-founders. Despite this situation, some other sources stated that this had nothing to do with Barra’s personal problems and that his decision was made before he knew about his colleagues’ involvement. I don’t believe the soap-opera like story and I hope all the best for Barra in his new “career chapter”.

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