Human Head Studios releases Fort Courage for Android

There was a lot of hubbub yesterday of the release of The Bard’s Tale, but another game snuck into the Tegra Zone by the name of Fort Courage. Are you ready to defend your fort against waves of relentless enemies or will you even want to? Read on to find out… Fort Courage is about two kids defending a fort of sorts against several different types of foes, and it’s pretty safe to say it’s not your typical kids fort. The only level I played was set in a futuristic factory full of deadly robots, and I was armed with bombs and guns so yeah… there’s no water balloon fights in this one. I will say that the game look great; the characters, robots, and backgrounds are all very well done. Fort Courage also ‘seems’ to have a lot going as the market description lists over 120 stages, 13 weapons, and a whopping 80 hours of gameplay which I kind of have a hard time believing. Actually the game could have 80 hours of gameplay, but I’ll never know because this great looking game really doesn’t work very well at all and every time you beat a level.


Fort Courage looks to be a solid game, but we’ll have to wait until they fix it to find out just how good it actually is. It’s a bit frustrating as a Tegra owner as this isn’t the first game (and won’t be the last) I’ve looked forward to playing just to find out that something’s wrong with it right out of the gate. That being said, I’m sure Human Head Studios will fix the issues soon and we’ll take another look at the game when they do. If you want to try it out and struggle through the crashes you can pick up Fort Courage for free.

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