Zombies and grannies are two things that generally don’t go well together, but don’t tell that to the i-Free Innovations team. Their new game Zombie Granny looks to combine the two into a super awesome puzzle game that lets you turn zombies into piles of ash. Zombie granny is a physics-based puzzler that lets you burn zombies to death with deadly fireballs. The gameplay behind Zombie Granny is simple and reminiscent of another popular game called Cut the Rope. You’ll have to cut ropes and chains to try and get your fireball to the zombies so that you can destroy them as quick and efficiently as possible. Of course it’s not as simple as it seems (it never is) as you’ll have to use some tricky devices and you’ll even encounter a few bosses along the way. You’ll get some help from a few fun weapons as well, but you’ll also be hindered by things like springs and platforms. Zombe Granny has 45 challenging levels to run through spanning 3 different worlds with Stonehenge, Pirate Ship, and Police Station. There’s also a level editor that can be used to extend gameplay, but you can’t access until you (paid for) finished the game.


Zombie Granny is a fun little physics game that’s good for some quick fun. The graphics are crisp and look great while the levels can be tricky and are full of zombie goodness. Now for the bad… the game is very short in my opinion, and it’s marketed as “free” but you’re only actually getting the first world (15 levels) for free. The rest of the game will set you back $1.99 or can be had by completing offers through the in-app setup. If you want to give it a run you can pickup i-Free innovations Zombie Granny for free on Google Play.  

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