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Images of AT&T's Purported Samsung Galaxy S II Slider Leak

by On
Yesterday, we reported about the exclusive image BGR received of an unnamed Samsung Slider reportedly headed for AT&T.  At the time, we made the assumption that it was the Samsung Galaxy S II in a keyboard fashion headed to AT&T, but since the specs were not revealed, we were not positive.  Today, however, BGR received even more images of the purported Samsung Slider and can confidently report that it is the Samsung Galaxy S II on AT&T.
The model number of the device — SGH-I927 — matches up with the model number for the generic Galaxy S II model.  In addition, it runs Android 2.3.4, TouchWiz, and boasts an 8MP rear facing camera.  Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S II in the United States sometime in August, so there is a strong chance we will see this phone live in action in just a few short weeks. If you remember, back when the original Galaxy S launched, Sprint launched a special version featuring the slider QWERTY keyboard (the Samsung Epic 4G).  It looks like Samsung is doing something similar, but this time with AT&T.