In the Future, Nymi Will Use Your Own Pulse as a Password


A little known company named Bionym just invented a new way to secure your personal data using a wristband called Nymi, a method which could make passwords, credit cards or pin numbers obsolete.

The new identification method is called “pulse passwords” and it uses your heartbeat in order to create a unique bio-password for all your needs. Every person has an unique heart beat rhythm, just like fingerprints are unique, and in the near future our pulse signature will be used to replace passwords, bank cards and even keycards.

Basically, your heart beat pattern is your personal PIN number, which will be used in every imaginable way : to lock/unlock your Android smartphone, your house, your car etc. It may sound like science fiction for the moment, but according to experts, this is the wave of the future. Our data will be secured via biometric means.

Bionym is a Canadian company and they created a wristband, called Nymi, that is perfectly capable to recognize your unique heart beat pattern and to transmit the information further to electronic devices, like an ATM, permitting its user to withdraw money without using a credit card. That’s just an example, obviously.

This is nothing new, I mean using your body to identify yourself. Retina scan was announced by science fiction movies since like the 80’s and currently it is used by various agencies, Motorola is also working on a temporary tattoo which contains an RFID chip used to store your private data, the list goes on and on.


All these high tech developments are considered to make the hackers work more difficult, because it is claimed that heartbeats cannot be replicated.

Bionym’s Nymi wristband is expected to hit stores in 2014 and it will come with a $100 price tag.


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