Indiana Stone: The Brave and The Boulder Rolls onto Google Play

indiana.stone-androidSome will say that the Endless Runner genre is a bit overdone, and most of us would agree. Indiana Stone The Brave and The Boulder looks to shake things up a bit by bringing you an Endless Roller complete with 9-bit art. Curious?indiana.stone-2 If you have a heartbeat, you’ve probably seen Indiana Jones and know all about the famous boulder scene. Indiana Stone plays off that famous scene by letting you control the boulder instead of the adventurer. That’s right, it’s a Temple Run style game where you’re trying to catch and crush the adventurer that’s trying to escape with the precious idol. You’re going to visit exciting and mysterious locations along the way as well like China, Egypt, and the mysterious land known as Indiana. Indiana Stone also has four different modes of play with Story, Challenge, QuickRoll, and Endless. Indiana Stone is definitely one of the funniest runners I’ve played, and it’s a welcome change of pace from the usual running game. There are plenty of fun surprises as you roll after the adventurer, and it’s all wrapped up in a slick looking retro package. If you want to give it a roll, you can pick up TwinSky Games Indiana Stone for $2.99 on Google Play.

Indiana Stone: The Brave and The Boulder

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