Infinite Dreams releases Lets Create! Pottery Lite for Android


Infinite Dreams has put out some great Android Games and one of my favorites has always been Let’s Create! Pottery. It’s been out for awhile now, and you’ve probably seen it in the market with its $4.99 price tag and no free version. Well, it looks like there is a lite version of the game available now, and if you’ve ever been curious about Let’s Create! Pottery now’s the time to check it out. Let’s Create! Pottery is a unique game that lets you craft and sell pottery right from your phone or tablet. As the potter’s wheel turns you can shape your pot with your fingers; it works very well and you can really add some nice details to things once you get the feel of it. You’re also able to add designs and paint to your pottery before sending it off to the kiln. It’s a fun and simple concept that’s very enjoyable and somewhat relaxing. The game allows you to create whatever you want whenever you want or you can run “missions” that are sent to you via email from your aunt. I’m not sure about the lite version, but the full version has a lot of different patterns to unlock and missions to undertake. There are also a few add-on packs as well so the game does have a little depth to it.


As mentioned, the full version has been out for quite some time but a lot of folks never gave it a go due to the $4.99 price tag and no demo. Let’s Create! Pottery is a unique game and even though I’m not a huge fan of Infinite Dreams customer support (long story) the game itself definitely deserves a wider audience. To be honest, everyone I’ve recommended the game to has loved it, so it’s pretty safe to say that Let’s Create! Pottery is a game that anyone can enjoy.  If you’re in the mood to relax and make a little pottery, you can pick up Let’s Create! Pottery Lite for free on Google Play.  

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