Half Breed is a new action adventure game from iNoko Studios that puts you in the role of a half-man/half-alien that’s out for revenge against his makers. You’ll have to use Half Breed’s powers to clear the levels and take down aliens and along with their powerful bosses. It’s pretty safe to say that Half Breed is an action-packed game, after you get past the first “breaking you in” level the action picks up quite a bit. You control your character through two virtual joysticks; one for movement and one for attacks. I’ve only been through a few levels so far, but have encountered lasers, pits, enemies, and a couple of bosses. You start out with a pretty nice selection of powers as well that can be switched around when you pause the game. Each time you beat a boss you’ll inherit another power which varies quite a bit from electricity to invisibility and super-speed. Half Breed also has a co-op mode that lets you play with a friend over Wi-Fi which would work well in a game like this. There is a store with a few in-app purchases, and the game gives a portion of its proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project and other charities related to injured veterans.


I gave Half-Breed a quick run through and was pretty impressed by the graphics and gameplay, but there were a few minor bugs here and there. Overall, I had fun with it and plan on getting into the game a bit more over the weekend; there should be an in-depth review up early next week. You can check out iNoko’s Half Breed for free in the Android market.

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