Instagram rolls out version 3.0, comes with photo maps and other features

Instagram for Android has just been updated to version 3.0. New to the update is what promises to be a new way of experiencing Instagram photos. This is by way of the new Photo Maps feature. Simply put, Photo Maps is Instagram’s way of  utilizing its geolocation features to the app. The app makes use of location data to create maps of places where photos shared on Instagram where taken. Initially, after updating, the app will pull out your previous photos which you have geotagged while uploading them before.  The app will then ask you to unselect photos that you don’t want to be included in the photo map.  This process may take awhile depending on the number of photos you’ve uploaded before. So, if there’s really no compelling reason why you should not let your followers know where you’ve taken those photos, you might as well include them in your photo maps.

After this process, the next time you’ve uploaded a photo, you have the sole discretion whether to add this to your photo map or not. This is the beauty of this feature – it gives you full control of what photos you want to be featured. Aside from Photo Map, the updated Instagram Android app also improve the user profile, and other parts of the app. Also, the update made it easier to write longer captions when sharing photos. So there, go check out Instagram 3.0 and tell us how you find the Photo Maps feature. Via [Google Play]  

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