Install Android 4.3 on Your Samsung Galaxy S4 Right Away

Android 4.3 Yarp folks, you got that right, you can install the latest Android 4.3  version on your Samsung Galaxy S4 (if you’re lucky enough to have one in the beginning)  starting RIGHT NAOW! Stay tuned and find out how, right after the break! Alrighty then, so, the S4 Google Play Edition was released just 2 days ago but we already have a hero who managed to grab an Android 4.3 JellyBean version of the smartphone, a beta  kinda thing, a test unit, well, whatever you call it, it’s here.And, most importantly, he shared it with us! At least, the most important part, its software. The test unit doesn’t have all the features of the “official” Android 4.3 JellyBean, but it works nevertheless. As you may know, The Google Edition of the Galaxy S4 is basically the I9505 model running on the already old Snapdragon 600 system on chip and also on Android 4.2 JellyBean. Android 4.3 Well, breaking news, if you have a normal Galaxy S4 and you want to find out how the Android 4.3 really is, because nobody can be told how Android 4.3 is, isn’t it? You have to see it for yourself. So, thanks to our source, you can install the latest Android flavor right away on your device. It was tried by our crash test dummies, it works, with minor issues here and there, but nobody’s perfect, except Steven Seagal. And he’s on iOS, according to my sources. Before you jump to downloading and installing the latest software on the precious, fair warning : you will have to root your Galaxy S4 and also install a custom recovery , after that you need to flash the 4.3 ROM through it. If you have a locked bootloader on your S4, it will still work without significant problems. The sucky part is that the Android 4.3 cannot be installed with Odin, so you will void your product warranty in the process, if you choose to get along with the program. You’ve been warned, these are the risks, you may get your Android 4.3 from HERE . Source : SAMMOBILE  

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