Instapaper Android app update adds pagination, scroll by tilting plus more

instapaper For those of you who use Instapaper Android app, check out the Play Store on your Android devices now to get the updated Instapaper. Now in version 1.2, Instapaper Android app brings in several fixes and performance improvements as well as some nice, new features. Unfortunately, when it comes to bugs and fixes, the developers don’t usually specify what are these specific bugs were fixed as well as how extensive the performance of the app has been improved. It’s enough for us mere mortals to know that the app was somehow improved. What’s more important here is the fact that the latest update to the app brings in some new features. Speaking of these new features, one of those happens to be Pagination. This means that the app now lets you scroll by full pages as well as scroll by tilting your device. This can be set under your device’s Settings menu. instapaper Another new feature of the updated Instapaper Android app is  in-line footnotes and sepia mode. The Sepia mode is enabled via Settings and as an option under Background. Finally, the update also brings a new feature called – The Feature. This is an additional section which culls articles recommended by editors. It’s a pretty useful add-on feature which also kind of set the path for future developments with the Instapaper Android app. All those being said, Instapaper is now available from Google Play for $2.99. It supports Android devices running 2.3.3 or later. Of course, if you have previously installed the app on your devices, the update is free to download. Via [Google Play]

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