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iPhone and Android Finally Together?

by On

Well…it had to be done. If you can hack a payphone you should logically at some point be able to hack an iPhone. So now the iPhone 3G and 2 (and first generation iPod Touch) can officially run the Android OS. I shouldn’t really say official since I’m sure Steve Jobs is super excited about anything but Apple running on his phone, but you heard me right. The Android v2.2 or Froyo OS now has a ported version available for the Apple hardware. This came to light when the YouTube user Wizegui posted an iPhone with a fully functioning Android OS on it. Admittedly as you can see in the above video there are still a number of bugs to work out like the lag time and crashing, but no one said it would be easy to shove Linux down the throat of Apple. If this means anything for future Android systems its that you could ideally buy any phone you want and then simply hack it to have Android. How cool is that!