Iron Wars is a great new 3D shooter from Tap Mobile. It’s a unique shooter as well that lets you zip around in a little iron ball while blasting away at the enemy. Basically, it’s a “Shoot and Run” game with killer graphics and lots of gunplay. Sound like fun? Well, it is a lot of fun and there are plenty of levels to keep you busy for a while.


You’ll use your on-screen Directional pad to move around, and the Red button on the right will fire whatever weapon you have selected. Once you get the hang of it, it’s very easy to move about while blasting away at your enemies. The gameplay in Iron Wars can almost be “cat and mouse” like on some levels; it definitely gets trickier as you progress through the game. There are power-ups for weapons, ammo, shields, and health scattered around the levels, and you’ll definitely need to pick those up.


Iron Wars has 30 levels in Campaign mode, and you can play on 9 different maps. There are also 3 modes of play with death match, team death match, and domination. They also have “local” multiplayer through your WiFi or Bluetooth, but no true online mode is available yet. As far as the weapons go, there are quite a few to choose from with shotguns, rocket launcher, and plasma gun. You’ll need them all and lots of ammo as well. The ammo boxes are color-coded to match their respective guns, and you’ll need as much ammo as you can get.


I’m surprised Iron Wars hasn’t gotten more downloads yet, as it’s a very good game. I’ve had no issues running on my Captivate; everything has run as smooth as silk. The graphics are Excellent, and it has plenty of great looking levels to play through. I thought the bots A.I. was very good; some bots were pretty easy, while others stalked me around the levels. There isn’t a free version available at the moment, but the full version is only $2.02. If you’d like to play a fun, fast paced shooter that’s a bit different from the rest you’ll definitely like Iron Wars.


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