Is a Chrome dongle in the works? We’re doubtful.


Our living room is fast becoming the new battleground for tech manufacturers and service providers. The XBox One announcement was ripe with talk of TV functionality, and Google has long had their Google TV hardware. A recurring rumor suggests that Google may have another piece of hardware in mind for our precious HDMI ports.

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The crew at Droid Life received a tip prior to I/O suggesting Google is developing a Chrome dongle, named “Chromekey”. While their original commentary positioned the device as Chrome OS on a key, they now ponder it as a receiver. Without getting into details, as there really aren’t any, they consider it to be able to mirror the content of your Chrome browser to a TV screen.

What is being rumored is essentially Miracast, just Chrome. Miracast is underused, and definitely desired, so what Droid Life is suggesting is interesting. The ability to broadcast Chrome onto any TV, or monitor with an HDMI port, has a lot of use-case scenarios which would make sense. At their rumored $35 price point, it’s an easy buy for consumers.

We’re also curious if those awesome Chrome Experiments, like Roll It and Racer, are early works for such a technology. It would be neat to have, as we could envision our tablets being used as keyboards, while the display was on a larger TV screen. There are Android dongles that are on the market with mixed reviews, but a similar Chrome device would be much lighter and (probably) not require an OS.

Keep in mind, this “Chromekey” is nothing but innuendo and assumption. The specs listed are a wish-list, and there is no definitive method for functionality. The concept has been modified twice now, and while we’re interested in a Chrome dongle, we’re going to need something official before we entertain any more chatter. We’ve reached out to Google for comment, and will update you if we hear anything confirming such a device. We know you’re just as excited as us to see Android Authority on the TV screen!

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