Is Google building an Official Android Game Console? It’s been an interesting week for Android. Rumors are flying, and one of the latest involves Google getting into the console business. An Android Game Console could be on the horizon, and if it is it’s going to be a hell of a year gamers. We’ve heard grumblings of Apple trying to work games into their Apple TV, and if rumors are to be believed Google may be doing the same thing. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is developing an Android Game Console and a wristwatch, both will run Android, and there’s mention of a second Nexus Q device. The “unnamed source” to the WSJ goes on to say that the Google X R&D lab will head things up, and that the company plans to market the new devices themselves. Getting excited yet? Normally we take rumors with a grain of salt, but the Wall Street Journal is reputable and Google is… well, Google. The OUYA was just released, so the timing of this announcement lends a bit more credence to things. The reviews on the first Android console are mixed at this point, and if Google popped out an official Android Game Console in the near future it would sell out in a heartbeat. Goodbye OUYA and Gamepop, we hardly knew ye… Source – Wall Street Journal  

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