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Is Motorola Preparing To Launch The Droid HD?

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According to a few images on Flickr, Motorola could be preparing to launch a new Android smartphone on Verizon Wireless — the Motorola Droid HD.  If you take a look at the image above, you’ll notice the picture was taken in Libertyville, IL by a Droid HD.  Perhaps a coincidence, but the location is known to feature a Motorola office nearby, so there is a good chance an employee was using the unknown Droid HD to snap an image and forgot to remove how the image was taken.  In addition, Droid-Life notes that the same user had taken other images using a Droid 3, so it is likely this employee is using new Motorola gadgets and forgetting to remove the EXIF data. There is always the possibility that the Droid HD is actually the Droid Bionic, but why would Motorola suddenly change the name of the device?  Hopefully, we will learn more from other rumors and leaks soon.