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Is Sharp Working On An Android Slider Phone for AT&T?

by On

According to what seems to be an image of a smartphone prototype, Sharp is working on a new Android slider smartphone for AT&T. Originally, it was thought that the unknown slider phone was a successor to the Sidekick 4G on T-Mobile, but based on its inherent 3G network connectivity, it is most likely going to launch with AT&T. The unannounced Sharp smartphone pictured above features an average sized touch screen that slides up to reveal a Sidekick-esque physical QWERTY keyboard. Other features include GPS, WiFi, and a rear facing camera. At this time we have no idea what version of Android it will be running, whether or not it is a 4G capable device, or pricing and availability information. If we hear any more additional details regarding this Android device by Sharp, we’ll let you know.