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Is Sprint's Next Android Smartphone The HTC Knight?

by On

According to XDA-Developers, a source sent to them an image of a new Sprint phone, dubbed the HTC Knight. This is the first time we have heard of the HTC Knight, but it seems to be a blend of the Nexus One and the Evo 4G, two smartphones also manufactured by HTC. The HTC Knight is rumored to feature a 3.7 inch touch screen, operate on Android (although no version is specified), and possibly feature a slider keyboard. The image above doesn’t really show a slider keyboard, but according to an XML text file, one of the lines says “Do not slide screen in/out during the operation.” Other than the HTC Surround, which features a slider speaker, every smartphone that slides does so to reveal a physical keyboard. If the HTC Knight turns out to be a legimate phone and not a Photoshop job, then there is a good chance it will launch in a few weeks.