Is this the new Samsung Galaxy S5?

Samsung Galaxy S5 If you don’t know what Antutu is, well, it’s a very popular benchmark and sometimes, if you check its data base, a wild snorlax may appear now and then, this time, maybe, I said maybe, a possible prototype of the new Samsung Galaxy S5. Yes, this is a wild guess, but recently in Antutu’s database appeared a device named Samsung Galaxy GT-I9600, which may be the successor or the sequel of the current flagship, the Galaxy S4. The new Samsung Galaxy S5 appears to be running on Android OS version 4.3.2, not yet released and sports a CPU clocked at 1.4 GHz. It may be premature to talk about a new flagship from the Korean company, as the S4 was just released and it sells like cookies, but this may be a glimpse at the future. It is normal for a company like Samsung to already work on its future model, especially when they have such booming sales and commercial success. Another theory is that what we’ve seen here is actually a version of the current flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S4, just like it was the case with the Galaxy S Plus devices. There were 2 versions, the first one was named the I9001 Galaxy S Plus, the other one was referred to as I9105 Galaxy S II Plus. One weird thing about the alleged Samsung Galaxy S5 is the pretty lame score it achieved in the Antutu benchmark(~15 000 points), lower than the S4 and even the “old” S3. Judging from the poor score, it may also be a prototype of a mid-ranged droid, but the model number suggests otherwise, a high-end smartphone, maybe an upgraded S4… It may be a glitch in the matrix, a bogus benchmark, who knows for sure? All things aside, it is very difficult to explain the OS version, 4.3.2, which is not released yet. Source: GSMinsider      

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