The processor called Exynos 5440 might be the one which Samsung Galaxy S4 uses. The existence of this processor was verified the Kernal Git webpage. This is a quad core version of the already in use Dual-core one, the said processor is currently housed in Google Nexus 10 tablet. Nexus 10 is also manufactured by Samsung. Very little information is available at this point about the processor and we are not so sure whether it will be used in the S4 or not. Only the existence of the digital cruncher is confirmed. The flamboyant success of the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the “Galaxy” brand as a whole makes the release of the next iteration inevitable. The current rumors flying around the S4 name were that the device will have an eight core processor. This outrageous power might make the S4 the market leader once again, but it can easily be taking as wishful thinking. Also gathered from different sources, the device will have a full HD display (on par with HTC DNA/J Butterfly) and a screen size of 5 inches or so. Also the camera will be of 13MP a step-up from the current smartphone standard of 8MP. The device will come packaged with the latest Android OS and probably be one of the launch devices for Key Lime Pie. If Samsung is looking to beat the competition the phone should arrive in early March. But given the popularity and demand of the S-series the need is not too sturdy. We will keep you updated regarding any further developments.

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