Is your Samsung Galaxy S3 going to die?

Samsung has elevated to the top of the cellphone ladder this year, with a hit after a hit. Although its success is a result of all the products selling well, the Samsung Galaxy S3 took the grand cake. Having sold more than 30 million units the smartphone of the year is no doubt a great phone. I even bought mine this very week and I love every second of it. Unfortunately for Samsung these past week haven’t been so great. First we had to see a gaping security hole in the very heart of our beloved Samsung Galaxy S3, which was painful yet recoverable. Now we have reports of the smartphone mysteriously dying. The said reports are “extracted” from the very popular XDA forum threads. I was scouting the forums installing camera mods and what not when I came across the thread “Ultimate GS3 sudden death thread”. Curious I decided to give the thread a look, only to find there are many users who are reporting the phone turning up dead. The thread creator a very organized guy named “Obagleyfreer” made this thread to collect data from the victims of dead Samsung Galaxy S3s. After spending some time within the thread i concluded that there is nothing pin point common in the cases. The first thought I had regarding the issue was the custom ROMs, but apparently people who stayed away from the alluring ROMs and used only official Samsung software were also subjected to the sudden death syndrome. Samsung is apparently repairing the phones under warranty, they are not even asking if the phone was modded or not. The company is simply changing the motherboard of the phone and returning it back to the customers. Samsung is yet to acknowledge the existence of such phenomenon; the case is very wide spread though. The XDA thread is 51 pages long at this time which amounts to a lot of Samsung galaxy S3s just Turing up dead. We will update you when we get a official word, until then head over to the forum to look at the cases yourself.

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