It’s Official: Moto X Phone Made In The Good Ol’ USA, Out This October

motorola x phone texas

X marks the spot for the Moto X phone.

With over 130 million smartphones being in existence in the USA even as you read this, has it ever occured to you that not a single one of those smartphones were assembled here? Of course, being “designed in California” does have a nice ring to it, but it is still no the same as having the good old “Made in the USA” label at the back which used to epitomize the hallmarks of quality and reliability before the whole world turned to China to be their factory of choice. Having said that, Motorola has officially announced that their upcoming flagship, the Moto X phone, will be designed, engineered and assembled in the USA. To be more specific, all the hot and heavy action is happening in Fort Worth, Texas, which gives it the distinct flavor in making it the first smartphone ever assembled domestically.

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