Ivanovitch Games brings Crazy Bill: Zombie Stars Hotel to Android

crazy.bill-androidSeveral months back I tried to piece together a series of gaming articles with a “Coming Soon” theme. It didn’t work out quite like I’d hoped as release dates change constantly, and we just never had enough time to work them in. One of the games left out in the cold was Crazy Bill: Zombie Stars Hotel from Ivanovitch Games, and last week it finally made its way onto Google Play. crazy bill androidCrazy Bill: Zombie Stars Hotel gives you a gun and drops you into a zombie filled hotel. Your job is to clear the place out floor by floor as Bill auto-runs which works to make Crazy Bill an intense little game. You only have two buttons at your disposal with jump & shoot; Bill automatically climbs the stairs at the end of each floor. We all know that zombies hate fire, and it’s no friend of Bill’s either unless it’s coming from the end of his flamethrower. If you get hit by a zombie or miss a jump and hit fire you’ll lose a heart – lose all three and its back to the beginning. I have no clue how many floors there are in Crazy Bill: Zombie Stars Hotel, but I’m sure there are a lot of them. You’ll also see some familiar faces along the way in the form of Celebrity zombies. As for the weapons there are five of them to unlock, but you won’t start the game with them. You have to pick them up on random floors as you make your way through the game. Crazy Bill also has some achievements, extras, and daily/weekly tournaments. crazy billCrazy Bill: Zombie Stars Hotel is a fun little arcade style shooter, but the controls could use a little tightening up. The game’s tough, but I had a lot of deaths by fire due as the jumping was off at times. Other than that, the game is a blast and you have to love the celebrity zombie cameos. If you’re ready to open a can of whoop ass on the undead, you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Crazy Bill: Zombie Stars Hotel for free.

Crazy Bill: Zombie Stars Hotel

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